A PENSIONER has expressed her horror at the state of her home which she claims is ‘uninhabitable’ following work which has been done to it.

Thelma Treacy, 72, said she has been waiting for new flooring to be fitted at her Onward Homes house in Greenhill, Great Harwood, since the start of this month.

Workers from housing association Onward removed her carpets but some ‘low-risk’ asbestos tiles were exposed during the work.

Onward then sent a repairs specialist to remove the tiles and patch up the floor, so new flooring could be fitted.

But Ms Treacy said she has been waiting for weeks for the flooring to be fitted and claims it has left her unable to cook or wash properly and consigned to her bedroom due to there being no floor and because of dust.

She said she has had to take her border collie dog Harry to a dog minder until the work is finished, as he has epilepsy and she is worried about the conditions in the house.

Ms Treacy, who also has two cats, said: “I’ve been waiting weeks for this work to be done and just want new flooring to be fitted.

“I’ve had to send Harry to a dog minder until the work takes place as he’s epileptic and all the dust is not good for him. I’ve had to stay in my bedroom due to there being no flooring and cooking and washing has been difficult with all the dust.

“I’m just disgusted and the house really is uninhabitable.”

A spokesman for Onward apologised for any inconvenience caused by the work and said new flooring is due to be fitted on Tuesday (October 1).

They said: “During some recent planned works at Ms Treacy’s home some low-risk asbestos tiles were exposed, so Onward sent a qualified repairs specialist to remove the tiles and patch up the floor.

“The customer did not wish to move to temporary accommodation during this time, so we arranged to work around her.

“We understand the disruption that this can cause, and we tried very hard to minimise the impact where possible.”

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But the spokesman said that Ms Treacy’s fitters will not be able to lay the flooring in the second bedroom, due to furniture placed in that room while the original works were being carried out.

The spokesman added: “We will arrange for one of our repairs specialists to attend and lay the flooring in this room, after moving the furniture back to its proper place.”