AN indie rock band are set to tour in Europe after a successful album release in LA.

Barnoldswick brothers, Lewis, Danny and Brandon Bannister and friend Josh Ashworth form the band, Record Street.

The band of brothers released their album, Way of Life at the Rolls Leisure in Barnoldswick, selling out the night with 400 tickets.

Record Street’s growing popularity has seen Johnny Depp become a fan, as he played in Manchester with his own band, Hollywood Vampires, while wearing a Record Street t-shirt.

With tour dates fixed, the boys will play in Europe, including in Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Prague.

Danny Bannister, the lead drummer, said: “We’re buzzing, and ready for it now because we’ve been preparing for this tour for a while.

“It’s the break that we need, our opportunity that we can play in different places and show Europe what we can do.

“We cannot thank our manager and team enough for everything they do for us.

“We are soon going backstage at the MEN Arena to meet Alice Cooper, and we just want to get our music out there.”

The indie rock band also played in LA in April and have received amazing support from their fans.

Danny added: “It’s been non-stop for a while now, and once we get on the road for the tour, we’re going to be starting work on our second album.

“Fans can expect the best nights, we’re going to be smashing it out here, and they’ve all been mint with their support.”

Supporting the boys for a show in Germany and another in Amsterdam, will be fellow Barnoldswick band, Suburban Symphony.

The tour kicks off in Germany on October 16.

For tickets and to stay up to date with the band, follow them on Facebook – Record Street, Instagram @recordstreet and Twitter @RecordStmusic