A SCHOOL travelled to Peru to help build a primary school in a deprived area of the city.

Last August, Oakhill School pupils, staff and parents travelled to Iquitos in Northern Peru as part of the Oakhill Peru Mission.

The team helped reconstruct a primary school, which is now complete.

The school is now named the 'United Kingdom School' as a tribute to the hard work and donations from the UK.

It accommodates around 500 pupils in 17 classrooms. which are now safer for children, having previously been made from salvaged wood and metal.

The school said: "We can be very proud of our contribution to greatly improve this desperately poor and deprived area, and in providing its people with a safer and more dignified place to grow and learn.

The school now has proper toilet facilities, significantly improving sanitation and hygiene.

The Oakhill team worked each day on the project, offering assistance to the construction team by shovelling soil, sand and concrete, plastering walls, and digging trenches for new toilet facilities.

Funding of the project came from all areas of the Oakhill community, who supported charity events and made generous donations.