A HERO plumber has raised £82,000 to support his free plumbing services for the vulnerable ­— and is thanking people around the world for their support.

James Anderson, from Burnley, went viral when the daughter of an elderly woman posted a picture of an invoice showing the plumber had not charged the 91-year-old, with incurable leukaemia on end-of-life care, for fixing her boiler.

Since then, the owner of Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response (DEPHER), has appeared on ITV's This Morning and received offers of free tools.

A crowdfunding site with a target of £4,500 has raised

£45,090, with pledges elsewhere taking the total to £82,000 to keep his not-for-profit business going.

The father-of-five provides elderly and disabled people a range of gas, water and heating services for free and his story has touched people all over the world.

He said: “It has been amazing, I am just astonished at the amount of support I am getting. It has made a big difference and I did not expect it at all.

“I expected a few likes and shares but not this amount, it’s unbelievable and I am so thankful.”

The invoice states that the woman is to never be charged for any subsequent work and that he will be available whenever she needs him.

Mr Anderson’s crowdfunding page swelled after news broke, with support coming in from all over the world, as well as pledges to help and donate money.

He said: “I had messages of support from as far as the Philippines and New York.

“My children are also proud of me, and hopefully this will teach them what life is really about.”

There are decorators, joiners and other plumbers who want to help out in different parts of the country thanks to Mr Anderson.

Alongside this, he will now get free insurance policies from Rhino Trade Insurance, a free trip to London paid for by This Morning, two free boiler packs from Wickes, and other donations to help keep the business running.

Mr Anderson added: “It’s like I’m having a dream and I’m loving it, because people are starting to take action. I had a man from New York say he wants to come to help me here in England.

“I even had people offering me free holidays in Wales and Arizona whenever I want to go, but the main thing is that I am so thankful it is making a difference, and I can continue doing this.

“It shows that we can all come together and do nice things.”

To donate, visit crowdfunder.co.uk/disabled-elderly-free-plumbing-heating-service/comments#start