LABOUR MP Graham Jones has warned that Boris Johnson's behaviour will make people question the point of obeying the law.

He spoke out following the Supreme Court's ruling earlier this week that the Prime Minister's suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

Hyndburn MP Mr Jones said: "Why should people obey the law if the PM won’t?"

On Tuesday the UK's 11 top judges all agreed that the ‘prorogation’ of Westminster until October 14 was ‘without reasonable justification’.

The court said The Queen’s decision on the advice of Mr Johnson was ‘void and of no effect’ leading to Speaker John Bercow ordering the return of the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Mr Jones said: "Boris Johnson’s actions are extraordinary. He is trying to bypass debate and parliament.

"He has been untruthful and unlawful. Why should people obey the law if the PM won’t?

"He was the one arguing during the referendum that parliament is sovereign and should 'take back control' criticising the EU for dubious democratic practices.

"If Brexit means disobeying the law, bypassing our sovereign Parliament, Brexit is in deep trouble."

Ribble Valley Tory MP Nigel Evans said he had ‘full confidence’ Britain would leave the EU on October 31.