SCHOOL bosses are bidding to have 2.4-metre high fencing installed in a bid to deter vandals and trespassers.

A planning application has been submitted to Hyndburn Council proposing to install fencing around All Saints CE Primary School in Clayton-le-Moors.

A design and access statement submitted as part of the application reads: “Although surrounded by residential properties the school site seems to be an attraction to local criminals frequenting the site during the dark hours.

"This is not helped by public access being available along the full length of Church Street and from within the grounds of the adjacent All Saints’ Church.

"The existing 1.5m high stone wall at the shared boundary of the school playground and Church is easily scaled, therefore, it is proposed to affix 2.4m high mesh fencing to the stone wall 600mm above ground level on the school’s side to relieve the ongoing trespass issues.

"With an additional height of 1.8m above the existing stone wall, it also eliminates the opportunity for trespassers to use the wall as a foothold should there be an attempt to climb the fence.

"There is an open boundary at the rear of the school which is currently secured by way of temporary Heras fencing and a diminishing Laurel hedge, to increase security a 2.4m high mesh security fence is to be installed on the school side of the boundary with matching 2.4m high pedestrian access gate.

"There is no pedestrian access gate to the walkway leading from Church Street. This allows unrestricted access to trespassers outside of school hours and leaves the entrance at the rear of the school, vulnerable to criminals.

"Finally the pedestrian gate within the school grounds is to be replaced. The existing gate is insufficient in terms of security and is to be replaced by a 2.4m high security gate to match the proposed fence.

"The security fencing is urgently required in order to reduce the amount of vandalism and trespassing on the site.

"There have been many instances of break-ins, resulting in property damage and thefts all which cost the school money to replace using vital funds from the school’s budget.

"The heavily publicised concern regarding safeguarding is high on the agenda for every school and public buildings/venues throughout the country, with all schools being encouraged by the ESFA, education authorities and Ofsted to look at improvements to their current security provisions.

"The school feel especially vulnerable due to their location.

"The use of 2.4m high fencing will deter any unauthorised access to the site therefore vastly reducing the risk of criminal damage, vandalism and arson attacks to the school. The additional areas of fencing to the rear elevation of the school aid to secure the school building and grounds out of hours but will also be seen as a deterrent during the school day."