SIX officers were dismissed from Lancashire Police after being subject of an internal investigation, the latest figures have shown.

The figures also show the 13 officers either retired or resigned after being served with a Regulation 15 notice by the force’s professional standards departments.

In total 97 of the notices, which advise an officer that a complaint has been made or a conduct matter has come to light that warrants an investigation by the professional standards department, have been served in the last three years.

Supt Mark Winstanley, head of the police’s professional standards department, said the force would continue to “proactively target malpractice and wrongdoing” but stressed that the vast majority of officers and staff were undertaking fantastic work every day.

In total, the force employs 2,900 officers and 2,500 police staff, which includes PCSOs and volunteer officers.

Winstanley said: “Police officers and staff are expected to adhere to the highest standards of behaviour in both their public and private lives and when anyone fails to adhere to those standards they risk undermining the public’s confidence in the police service as a whole and the fantastic work undertaken every day by the vast majority of our staff.

“We will continue to proactively target malpractice and wrongdoing in Lancashire Constabulary to ensure that the communities we serve can have confidence and trust in us.”

The figures show 13 notices were served in relation to honesty and integrity complaints; 11 were for authority, respect and courtesy; 14 were for either equality and diversity, use of force, confidentiality, fitness for duty or challenging and reporting improper conduct; six were for orders and instructions; 22 were for duties and responsibilities and 31 were for discreditable conduct.

Of those issued, five of the cases were dismissed as unfounded, six resulted in dismissal without notice, 14 ended with a final written warning, 17 saw management action taken, six with management advice, 16 with no action taken, eight were not proven and five saw proceedings discontinued. Of the remained eight officers resigned after being served with the notice, five retired and resigned and 11 resulted in officers being given a written warning.

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Lancashire Police Federation vice chairman and conduct and performance lead Steve Rothwell said: “Ninety seven over three years is incredibly low. That is just over 30 a year out of 2,500 officers. What I would say is the performance of the vast majority of Lancashire police officers is exemplary.

“Some of those complaints will have been made by people who aren’t great supporters of the police because we have taken their liberty or their criminal property and they’re after a bit of revenge.”