A CORONER has voiced concerns over the management of dangerous offenders after a domestic violence victim was killed by a convicted murderer who had been released back into the community.

Cherylyee Shennan, 40, was stabbed and beaten with a hammer by her partner, Paul O'Hara, in July 2014. He was later jailed for life for her murder.

O'Hara, 43, had only been released on a 'life licence', in April 2012, having killed his previous girlfriend, Janine Waterworth, in 1998.

An inquest heard O'Hara had been assessed as a 'high risk' case, with triggers including relationship break-ups, jealousy and alcohol and drug abuse.

Coroner James Newman, who conducted the hearing, has now published a 'prevention of death' report, raising alarms over the lack of inter-agency communication between probation services and police.

In his findings, he questioned the role of MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) for the county.

He said: "Following (O'Hara's) release there were no local MAPPA meetings, no inter-agency meetings and no significant inter-agency communications regarding the perpetrator, no detailing of his licence conditions, and no information regarding either his nature or the trigger factors of his offending.

"Evidence was heard regarding the findings of two separate reviews that took place following the death of Cherylee. and the recommendations that were made...

"My concern is despite this, and the findings of the report, there is still no mandatory process for the sharing of information between agencies where the offender, despite and known extensive history of domestic abuse and identified trigger factors, is then managed at MAPPA Level 1."

Before her killing, the inquest heard how Cherylee had suffered a broken nose, repeated facial bruising and a broken jaw at O'Hara's hands. She was held hostage at knife-point at least twice.

Two police officers were in attendance at Cherylee's Rawtenstall home on the day of her murder. Both were attacked by O'Hara before he stabbed his partner to death.

In a statement following the inquest, Lancashire Police said a number of changes had been made, after a domestic homicide review was commissioned.

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A probation service spokesman said: "Since Cherylee’s tragic murder there has been a complete reorganisation of (the service) and a significant number of operational changes and improvements have been made."