A family have been left in shock after a car crashed into their house with a force that caused tiles to fall off their kitchen wall, before it made off from the scene.

At around 9am on Thursday, Fareeda Sharif, who lives on Shear Brow, said she heard a loud bang, and when she came down the stairs, found almost a full wall of tiles had fallen onto the kitchen floor.

She then went outside to check what had happened and saw a dent in the brickwork on the wall that backs onto the kitchen, and the remnants of paint on the wall, as well as a registration plate from a car.

Miss Sharif said: "There was a green Toyota Yaris that had been left in the alleyway for a few days.

"No-one knows who it belonged to. Some of the neighbours complained to the council as they couldn't get their bins out onto the road.

"The council said they would come and tow the car away and then this morning this has happened, and by the time we went out to look the car had gone.

"We don't know if was the council who took it or what, as we can't see out onto this bit from our house, but if it was, you think they'd have come and said something about crashing into the wall.

"It's damaged the kitchen, has caused huge cracks in the wall, and we don't really know what to do about it."

Miss Sharif, who lives in the house with her family, said the bang was really loud, and caused her sister, who has physical and mental disabilities quite a bit of distress.

The family called the police who gave them an incident number but said there was nothing more they could do.

A police spokesman said: “We were called to Shear Brow, Blackburn, about 9.30am on Thursday to reports that someone had driven into a kitchen wall.

"The wall was cracked. The car involved was a green Toyota. Nobody was injured.”

A spokesperson for Blackburn with Darwen council said: "This was not the council - if we were to remove a vehicle it would be taken away in a carrier vehicle and not driven off."