MORE than 60 protesters gathered outside Blackburn Town Hall to support an international rally for climate change.

Millions of people around the world joined together for the ‘Global Strike 4 Climate Change’ and organisers behind the protest on King William Street say it was the best event so far.

Kerris Casey-St-Pierre believes the campaign is gathering pace.

She said: “The first one was in February and this one was the biggest turnout so far.

“We are all on the same planet together and more people are aware that action has to happen.

“Our ice caps are melting because of climate change which is releasing methane into the atmosphere, which is factoring into the climate change and making it quicker.”

One of the protestors Bethan Gay, who works in Blackburn, said: “We need to reduce the climate change as just 1.5 degrees each year will affect us and many civilisations will be under water as the levels rise.”

Amine Gherinsi, of the Blackburn Youth Forum, said: “It is great to see so many organisations turning out and it is important to get the message out as there is no choice, we need to reduce our climate change.”