A FEARLESS landlady calmed down an axe-wielding punter – and later told police: "I wasn't scared."

Blackburn magistrates heard Christopher Scott Lynch was persuaded to leave by the cool landlady who told police she was not worried been scared for her own safety.

Lynch, 33, of Livesey Branch Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon in a public place. He was committed on bail to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Lynch had a relevant conviction for possessing a knife in public in 2010.

Shortly after midnight in the early hours of Sunday police were called to the Brown Cow on Livesey Branch Road.

Witnesses told how Lynch had knocked over a drink but immediately apologised and handed over £5 so the other person could buy a replacement.

“He left, but shortly after returned to the beer garden area with an axe in his hand,” said Mr Robinson. “People were trying to calm him down and the landlady became involved and persuaded him to leave.”

Mr Robinson said police went to the defendant’s home, arrested him and recovered the axe.

“They also found 15 cannabis plants growing in the cellar and he has been released under investigation on that matter,” said Mr Robinson.

Colleen Dickinson-Jones, defending, said she had viewed the CCTV of the incident which she described as “very brief.”

She said her client was not a drinker but on the day of the incident had been invited to watch Rovers in a private box and had a few drinks. She said in the Brown Cow later on a group of men were ‘taking the mick’ out of a disabled friend.

“He became irate and returned with the axe,” said Mrs Dickinson-Jones. “He deeply regrets what he did and couldn’t believe how stupid he had been."