STYLE changes through time so we looked through our archives and found some photographs of different fashion shows and events in East Lancashire.

Some things never change like suit jackets and dresses as featured in the Blackburn College Culture Shock Fashion Show where Sameer Kadirin, Emma Brown and Anthony Turner posed with a gun for the gangster scene back in March 1995.

Then another shot from the same show has Rajni Nayyar posing up in a wedding outfit for one of her scenes and you can say that the old veil was very 1990s in terms of the time it was taken.

Who can remember having a big jacket in the 1990s such as the one wore by Felicity Coleridge in her picture with Imran Ahmed.

Professional models Fabienne Whittaker and Mungo Maclagan took part in a shoot in 1994 wearing clothes inspired by student Ian Henderson which took on the theme of Victorian tin boys.

Student Monzour Hussain from Rawtenstall was photographed in 1994 wearing his own design which he says depicts the contradiction between rich and poor in India.

But fashion comes in different categories as we also had shots of models showing off autumn fashions in a charity show at the Fence Gate in aid of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Samaritans in 1994.