A ROADS boss is looking at putting down double yellow lines to deter drivers parking on a narrow street of elderly and disabled residents.

Cllr Keith Iddon, Lancashire County Council’s cabinet member for highways, has ordered officers to look at measures to tackle the problem in Victory Close, Nelson.

He acted after repeated complaints from residents ‘sick to death’ of cars clogging up their street and driveways.

In April, Cllr Iddon and Nelson West’s Cllr Mohammed Iqbal met householders led by 66-year-old Tony Hayes to discuss their concerns.

They fear the congestion could prevent ambulance and fire services accessing homes in an emergency.

Mr Hayes said action was long overdue and that the demolition of the town’s Pendle Rise multi-storey carpark to make way for a McDonald’s restaurant had made things worse.

Last year a 35-signature petition calling for double yellow lines on Victory Close was rejected by the county council.

Cllr Iddon said this week: “I have been down and met with Mr Hayes and residents and I appreciate their problem. I have asked officers to look at options including double yellow lines and a residents’ parking scheme.

“However, there has to be consultation which needs 70 per cent of those who respond backing the move.

“I have suggested the consultation area be tightly drawn. I cannot promise action in days or weeks but I am actively considering what can be done to help.

“If we go ahead, we need to ensure it is enforced.”

Mr Hayes said: “It is six months since Cllr Iddon came and all we hear is he is considering taking action.

“That is not good enough. We need something doing urgently. If an ambulance or fire engine needs to come here in an emergency, they might not be able to get in because the close is so congested with parked cars. We are very angry. This has been going on for two years.”

Cllr Iqbal said: “This has been going on for too long, I feel for the residents. Something needs doing quickly.”

Alison Goode, chief executive of Pendle Leisure Trust which owns Pendle Wavelengths whose users were originally blamed, said: “It is not our customers causing the current problem but shoppers.

“We have introduced a pay and display system at Wavelengths with a refund for its users which has dealt with the issue.”