CONCERTGOERS who saw The Jam play live at King George’s Hall are being asked to share their memories for a new book.

Author Richard Houghton is compiling eyewitness accounts of the band’s relatively short-lived career and is hoping to release them in a book which is due out in time for Christmas.

“I have had a lot of memories and memorabilia from other parts of the country but so far I haven’t had anything from the three shows the band played in Blackburn,” he said. “I am sure there must be many people who have special memories of seeing the band live there and I’d love for them to get in touch.”

The Jam - Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler - played in Blackburn three times as part of UK tours.

Their first show was in June 1978 when they were supported by The Jolt. They returned the following year in December 1979 when tickets were £3. The band’s final appearance at King George’s Hall was in June 1980 when they were at their peak.

“The band were only around for a relatively short time but rose very quickly to become one of the biggest bands in the world,” said Richard.

“With the book I want to tell the story of The Jam from the beginning to the end. I don’t want to rehash old reviews or use old interviews but I want to get first hand accounts of what it was like to be at those shows from people who were there.

“I think because The Jam split in 1982 the band’s legacy has never been tarnished. Paul Weller walked away when they were at the height of their popularity.”

Paul Weller has gone on to enjoy a hugely successful solo career but The Jam still have a devoted following.

“That whole Mod subculture still exists,” said Richard. “I would love to hear anyone who was at one of the Blackburn shows. It may have been the best concert you ever saw, you may even have hated it but I’d like to share your memories.”

Anyone with King George’s Hall memories can email Richard at