A teenager has been branded a 'stupid idiot' by police, as they tried to stop him from pulling wheelies through red lights on a busy road.

Officers from the Blackburn Neighbourhood Policing team are now asking parents and the public to help them catch the young man, after he made off from police on Bolton Road at Ewood triangle at around 7.15pm on Sunday.

The boy, who was dressed in a grey hoodie, was driving a small off road bike with no lights or registration plates.

Blasting the youth on social media, a spokesperson for the police said: "A message for parents in the Ewood/Livesey areas of Blackburn - do you know what your children are doing this evening?

"At 7.15pm a teenage male, in a grey hoody, riding a small off road bike, with no lights or registration plate has made off from police officers on Bolton Road at Ewood triangle.

"He was pulling wheelies through red traffic lights in the rain and dark with no lights with plenty of traffic about.

"We are informed that he has been riding around the area for the last hour or two.

"This is unacceptable and plainly stupid behaviour.

"We need to get this idiot off the roads before he hurts himself or someone else."

If anyone has any information about who was riding the bike or where officers might find the rider or the bike then contact the Blackburn Neighbourhood Policing team on NRABlackburnS/W@lancashire.pnn.police.uk