A WOMAN stole 21 bottles of spirits worth £467 from a Clitheroe supermarket.

Blackburn magistrates heard Olga Jankovskaja returned two days later and loaded up with 24 bottles worth nearly £600 but this time was recognised by staff and detained.

Jankovskaja, 34, of Smith Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing from Booths.

She was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £200 compensation.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said the first incident was caught on CCTV and Jankovskaja was recognised when she entered the same store two days later.

"She said she was going to sell the items to raise money to buy food for her family," said Mrs Yates.

Mark Williams, defending, said his client had been in the UK for 10 years but in the last few months had problems in getting benefits.

"She has been told to apply for some form of citizenship and until that is sorted out she, her husband and child are left to live off £80 a months child benefits," said Mr Williams