A WOMAN discovered purely by chance that her mum had died and was due to be buried that day.

Blackburn magistrates heard Rebecca Waldron had been serving a prison sentence and on the day of her released bumped into someone who had known her mother..

"She told my client she was sorry to hear of her mum's passing which came as a total shock," said Richard Prew, defending,

Waldron, 29, of Albert Terrace, Bacup, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with post-custodial supervision. She was fined £40 after the magistrates said they were concerned for her.

"We could have sent you back to prison however we are concerned for you and appreciate the very difficult time you have been through," said the chairman of the magistrates.

"The loss of your mum in such circumstances must have been very difficult for you."

The court heard Waldron had not had any contact with the probation service since her release from prison on August 8.

Mr Prew said when she was released Waldron had been given a rail pass and was on her way to accommodation in Chorley where she would get assistance.

"On the train she had a chance encounter with a former friend of her mother's who said she was sorry to hear of her passing," said Mr Prew.

"Her mum had taken an overdose and died and was due to be buried that day.

"She managed to get to the funeral but, not surprisingly, her head was all over the place. I think there are extenuating circumstances and it is not surprising that other matters got in the way of her compliance," said Mr Prew.

Waldron was given an eight week suspended prison sentence in March after stealing baby clothes and makeup from Boots in Bacup to fund the trip to her father's funeral.

But when she failed to raise enough cash Waldron used the money to "treat" herself to some crack cocaine which she then smoked with friends.