A WOMAN caught shoplifting in Skipton was released after being charged by police.

Blackburn magistrates heard that later the same day Olga Jankovskaja was caught in Clitheroe trying to steal meat valued at £105.40 from Sainsburys.

Jankovskaja, 34, of Smith Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to two charges of shoplifting and going equipped for theft with a magnetic de-tagger on May 25.

She was given a conditional discharge for eight months and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £21 victim surcharge.

The court heard the offences pre-dated a prison sentence imposed on the defendant for shoplifting offences.

Joanne Cronshaw, prosecuting, said the defendant was arrested in Skipton at 2.40pm and in Clitheroe at 5.30pm.

Catherine Fell, defending, said her client had gone to Skipton to steal because she owed money and was frightened of her creditor.

"The police arrested her and took the property off her and she went to Clitheroe and tried again," said Miss Fell.