A THIRD teenager has been taken into custody over an attack on youths dressed as 'goths' and 'moshers' .

Police arrested and released on bail two boys aged 13 and 15 following a leafet rop and press campaign earlier this week.

A third boy, aged 13, was taken into police custody yesterday in connection with the attack.

Three boys and one girl, all aged 15, wearing 'gothic' or 'mosher' style black clothing, jeans and jewellery, were chased and attacked with sticks and bottles, Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to the attack last Saturday just before 6pm in Holcombe Drive, Burnley.

Three of the victims suffered cuts and bruising and one boy's arm was so badly battered it was put into a sling.

Police said they are recovering from their injuries.

Anyone with information should contact Burnley CID on 01282 472144.