RESIDENTS living near Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School have objected to proposals aimed to tackle problem parking around the school.

Earlier this year, Blackburn with Darwen Council unveiled proposals aimed at improving road safety and reducing congestion on West Park Road and Dukes Brow.

Under the scheme, cars will be banned from waiting at any time on Burlington Street and West Park Road, while there will also be no loading or unloading on West Park Road at any time.

The same measures will be in place on Dukes Brow but limited to Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm during school term time.

In recent years, there have been problems with parents accessing the school, double parking in Dukes Brow and West Park Road, while buses have also been struggling.

Following advertising the scheme, four emails of objection were received from residents of Dukes Brow objecting to the proposal to introduce school keep clear markings on the residential side of the road as well as the school side.

The objectors are all residents of Dukes Brow and say that this restriction will result in elderly residents and visitors having to walk further as they will not be able to park near their homes.

Fears were raised by parents and grandparents concerned that this will have an impact on young children’s safety as they will have to walk further from their parking place to the school.

Some objectors said couriers and delivery drivers will not be able to stop due to the loading/unloading ban while residents will have to carry shopping etc a further distance from parked vehicles.

All objectors request that this proposal be reconsidered and ask if another solution can be found such a less onerous restriction, a permit parking scheme or a one way driving order.

Council highways officer Gina Lambert said: “The proposal to introduce a School Keep Clear restriction on the residential as well as the school side of Dukes Brow will reduce parking along this stretch of properties in an area where few have off street parking.

“However, concerns have been expressed by the school over safety issues as children arrive at and leave school.

“There have also been concerns about congestion due to increased traffic flow at peak times.

“The proposed measures will ensure the area is free of parked vehicles at peak times which will significantly increase road safety for vulnerable road users whilst improving traffic flow and reducing congestion.” The issue will be discussed by Blackburn with Darwen Council’s highways committee on Thursday.