PROGRESS is being made on prepare a document that will lay out the future development of Hyndburn, councillors will hear.

But council bosses no longer expect to publish the latest Local Plan in February next year, as had originally been the case.

A report is scheduled to go before Hyndburn Council’s cabinet on Thursday detailing the results of a second public consultation as the council continues to prepare its latest local plan.

Council leader Cllr Miles Parkinson will present the report at the meeting.

In a report to go before the cabinet, principal planning officer Darren Tweed said: “A number of further pieces of evidence are now being prepared and commissioned to ensure that the council can finalise policies in the core strategy and select its preferred sites for allocation in 2020.

“Whilst it is still planned to produce a publication version Local Plan in 2020, this will not be in February as set out in the current Local Development Scheme (LDS).

“A revised LDS setting out the new timetable of work will be brought to cabinet in November 2019.

“This will set out the reasons for any delays in publication, the new timetable of work, any planned public consultation periods through to adoption of the local plan and confirmation of the structure of the local plan.

“Over the coming months the council will use a number of different factors to help select its preferred sites to take forward for allocation in the new local plan including representations, evidence base reports, the findings of the sustainability appraisal work, and further information that has come forward on land availability and constraints.

“The council will also undertake further consultation with neighbouring local authorities and other relevant organisations in preparation of the next stage of the local plan.

"The final version of both the Core Strategy Review and Site Allocations Development Plan Document that the council wishes to adopt will also be the subject of an examination in public by an independently appointed Government planning inspector."

Earlier this year, it was reported more than 200 new homes need to be built in Hyndburn every year up to 2036 in order to stimulate economic growth.

A Housing and Economic Needs Assessment (HENA) carried out in the borough tested what level of population growth might be needed so that the resident labour-supply increases sufficiently for the job figures in the ‘economic growth scenario’ to be met.

The average number of new homes built in the borough over the last five years is 125 but according to the assessment, 216 homes are needed.

The assessment also found a minimum of 60 new homes per year is required but added that level would not help grow the borough’s economy.