HUNDREDS of people turned out in Blackburn town square for the second annual public vigil outside Blackburn Town Hall to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.

Dignatries and officials from suicide prevention groups held a 40 second silence as one person dies around the world every 40 seconds due to suicide.

Tony Harrison, who campaigns for suicide prevention, said: "It was absolutely fabulous and it was very humbling and great to see so many people turning out.

"In particular it was nice to see so many young people from school as they are the parents and teachers of the message for tomorrow.

"You don't have to look very far to see someone affected by suicide and the devastation it causes on communities.

"Hopefully we remember about it every day not just on September 10."

Council leader Mohammed Khan said: "We had a mental health and wellbeing meeting looking at what we have achieved in the last two years and while we are working to get the numbers down we have still a long way to go as we are the fourth worst in North West but we have to do it as a community as a whole.

"We have to play our part and tell people (when they feel down) that life is important and together we can help them."