A FORMER pub that was earmarked to be turned into high end flats almost two years ago, has been sold at auction.

The Prince of Wales Pub in Quaker Street, Darwen, had once been a prevalent fixture in the town.

However, before its closure it had become a hot spot for trouble, and was bought in August 2017 by Liverpool-based construction company owner, Ian McLeod, who said he was going to turn the property into high end flats.

Despite work starting towards the end of 2017, it was never completed.

Speaking when the news to auction the building was announced in August, Councillor Roy Davies said: "I’m glad something’s happening but I can’t think of any appropriate use for it to be honest.

"Changing it into flats would be a nightmare, and it was bad enough when it was a pub.”

Darwen East Labour Councillor Jane Oates said she was worried about it being turned into an HMO (house with multiple occupancy) but added the building was a complete mess and could do with ripping down.

The auction, by property auction experts Pugh took place at the AJ Bell Stadium, Manchester, on Tuesday September 3.

The initial guide price was £85,000. It sold for £106,000.