BURNLEY loan star Danny Drinkwater was reportedly attacked by a gang of men outside a nightclub - after he tried to chat up a rival player's girlfriend.

It is believed the attack happened last weekend in Manchester - the night after the club's 3-0 loss to Liverpool.

It is understood the player clashed with a Scunthorpe United player at Chinawhite club in the city centre.

The Sun on Sunday reports the midfielder was thrown out of the club.

It has been reported Drinkwater suffered torn ligaments in the attack and could be out of action for up to a month.

After being chucked out of the club, the England star was attacked by the men.

A witness told the newspaper: "At one point he was curled up in a ball on the ground, as they repeatedly jumped up and down on his ankle and shouting, ‘Break his legs’."

It is thought Burnley manager will be speaking to the player about the incident this week.