A peer and councillor is to be investigated after he was filmed calling a member of the public a Nazi.
Lord Tony Greaves, who sits on Pendle Borough Council will be subject to scrutiny by corporate director, Philip Mousdale, to assess whether or not he breached the Councillor Code of Conduct. 

Lord Greaves was filmed calling a member of the public a Nazi during Pendle Council’s planning meeting at the beginning of August, which discussed the extension of a mosque in Exchange Street.
Since the incident, Lord Greaves has been accused of improper conduct by Craig McBeth, who spoke in opposition to the mosque extension at the meeting.

Chairman of UKIP Burnley and Pendle, Craig McBeth, said: “Lord Greaves has again shown he has a total disregard of the views of the working class people of Colne and this incident highlights the contempt and prejudices he has - judging people on what they look like and the clothes they wear.

“It is outrageous that an elected councillor – and also a member of the House of Lords – has called a peaceful member of the public a Nazi based on the T-shirt he was wearing, and then tries to justify it. 

“Can we please remember exactly who the Nazis were and what they did?

“The council must act to ensure councillors treat ALL members of the public with respect regardless of their political or religious views and show that hurling insults and slurs will not be tolerated.”
Following the complaints, corporate director at Pendle Council, Philip Mousdale, issued a letter to the complainants, stating: “I refer to your recent complaints about this incident. 

“I have decided that I should carry out an investigation into your complaints. 

“This will involve interviewing yourselves, Councillor Greaves and possibly other persons, following which I will produce a report on my findings as to whether there has been a breach of the Councillor Code of Conduct.

“I stress that this does not mean that I have yet come to any view as to whether there has been a breach of the Code.

“I will be away from work until September 23 and will be in contact with you again on the arrangements for the investigation.”