HOLES in the road are often a complaint for residents but back in 1979 it was even more of a concern for locals in Darwen.

The lower part of Redearth Road in Darwen was closed for traffic for a week because of a collapsed sewer caused a large hole to appear in the road near the junction with Suddell Road.

Police had diverted traffic away from the scene after a 15ft square by 12ft deep hole appeared in the middle of the carriageway. Raymond Almond was pictured inspecting the hole.

A spokesman for Blackburn Council said the collapse had been caused by an 18-inch earthenware sewer pipe which had clay puddle points.

“Over the years these joints have eroded and flow has started to escape from some of the weaker of them. Eventually this has started washing away the surrounding earth and in this case a large hole has been formed.”