AN artist is showcasing East Lancashire towns by sketching them on an iPad — and filming the process.

Steve Crowther is fast becoming Accrington’s answer to renowned artist David Hockney, one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, who has also been using an iPad to bring his pieces to life in recent years.

Mr Crowther has been drawing and painting since joining an art group in 2008.

As a teacher of technology, he says one of his passions is digital art.

The 58-year-old enjoys drawing local places, especially in Hyndburn on his iPad.

Mr Crowther often visits places like the Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington, and draws them digitally before posting a timelapse video on Facebook of his work. He said: “I love painting Hyndburn.

“It has some wonderful buildings and I want to make it look good.”

Mr Crowther will also run a series of iPad workshops throughout November, showcasing the principles of iPad art and how apps can be used by digital artists.

He said: “Nearly two years ago I had a bad heart attack and all my work stopped.

“I had the chance to get a studio at the Haworth and started regular painting.

“It is partly therapy for me, but I always add sun to my paintings to try and make Hyndburn look great.”

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