TORY Brexiteer Nigel Evans has accused East Lancashire’s three Labour MPs of ’running scared’ of a General Election.

The Ribble Valley MP's attack came after his Blackburn and Burnley counterparts Kate Hollern and Julie Cooper abstained in the vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's motion to call a nationwide poll and their Hyndburn party colleague Graham Jones voted against it.

After the government failed to secure the two-third majority needed for an early election, Mr Evans said: “Each month Brexit is delayed costs British taxpayers around £1 billion, vast sums of money that could be better used investing in public services.

“I see no other recourse than an early general election. Not only do Lancashire’s Labour MPs wish to ignore the will of their constituents they are now running scared of an early general election.”

Mr Jones said: "Nigel wants to plaster over the Tory Brexit disaster. The country doesn't want an election. It wants MPs to sort Brexit."