A SOCIAL worker is completing 108 miles for a charity campaign for refugees.

Charlotte Ashton started her walk on Sunday, September 1, and will finish her miles by swimming and cycling at the gym by the end of September.

The new social worker from Clitheroe, is raising money for the British Red Cross's Miles for Refugees campaign.

Refugees are often subject to long and hazardous journey's to find a safe place to stay, and the campaign will see people like Miss Ashton undertake a pledge to complete between 108 and 285 miles in solidarity with the refugees.

Miss Ashton, who is 24, said: "I am doing this as I believe that many people turn a blind eye on refugees, and don't see them as people fleeing conflict, violence and persecution.

"I think that there is a huge misunderstanding that these people just want a better life in the West, and some people struggle to see that they are are forced to leave their home, their belongings, and often are split from their families."

The British Red Cross provide refugee services in 58 towns and cities across the UK offering aftercare and support as well as help those who are forced to leave their homes to find safe and legal movements to new countries.