ACCLAIMED chef Nigel Haworth and his interior designer wife Kath have launched a hospitality consultancy service which will call on each of their areas of expertise.

Mr Haworth, co-founder of Michelin-starred Northcote hotel and restaurant in Langho, who now serves as the site’s global ambassador, will call on his more than 30 years of hospitality experience for the role including his work in establishing and making a success of guest chef series Obsession.

Meanwhile, Mrs Haworth will draw on knowledge from her studies in sustainable construction and interior design, as well as her work in renovation and restoration projects.

Mr Haworth, who stepped away as chef-patron and managing director of Northcote in 2017, said: “We’ve just launched it this week.

“It made sense really; Kath and I work together on Cafe Northcote in Blackburn, and I thought, if someone wants me to do a restaurant, if I’m working with someone who understands me, it will add so much more to the project.

“It’s good to be able to work together. It’s the next phase of our business life and it feels incredibly exciting.”

The consultancy will fall under Mr Haworth’s already established brand, Nigel Haworth Ltd, and Mr Haworth wants to build that brand further, by adding his consultancy to the hotel and food elements.

Mrs Haworth said: “We offer a really joined up, holistic approach to projects – combining Nigel’s extensive knowledge in the hospitality industry, and my approach to innovative, best practices in construction and interior design”

Mr Haworth added: “I could have 20 restaurants open all over the world or the country and I could be running these, with Kath designing them.

“I have taken two years to build this since taking time out from Northcote and together we’re really looking forward into making an impact on some very exciting schemes.”