TRANSDEV have announced bus fares are to be increased starting from September.

The bus company will roll out brand new monthly tickets as well as make slight changes to existing ones.

Blackburn, Burnley and Pendle are the main bus services which will see the changes.

Burnley and Pendle's one day tickets are currently £4.70 and will increase by 10 pence to £4.80.

A seven-day ticket in Blackburn will cost £16.50, fifty pence more than it already is.

The plus 28 day monthly will go up by £2 to £60.

Burnley and Pendle's 28 day tickets are normally £49 but will be increasing to £52.

Transdev's website also states all single and return tickets will be going up by 10 or 20 pence.

Rita Turco from Blackburn, said: "I think it's bad that bus fares are constantly increasing because people are struggling as it is and it's making it harder for people who have to rely on public transport, especially when they're never reliable."

James Taylor from Blackburn, said he would avoid using the buses due to lack of reliability.

He said: "The fairs increasing is like a slap in the face to not only the public, who can’t afford a increase in fare, but to the bus drivers themselves who can see the how much more the company is making yet paying them hardly above national wage.

"They should be ashamed of themselves, I will never travel on a bus ever again if I can help it."

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