COWS were seen grazing in people’s gardens in the Ribble Valley over the weekend.

New Dad Richard Bowie was up for an early feed at 6am with his baby, at his home in Waddington, when he heard something outside.

At first, he thought someone was trying to break in but, when he looked outside, he saw cows eating his grass.

Mr Bowie said: “They were from a local farm about 1,000m from my road.

“They got out through a gate that was left open and spent the night and morning walking around the village going in gardens eating everyone’s plants and leaving cow pats behind.

“There were some cyclists that came through the village early doors that had to dodge them all.”

The animals left their mark as cow dung filled the street.

Mr Bowie added: “Also as they were by my car I did not want to startle them and damage my car.

“I then found it hilarious as, when I looked out of the upstairs window, they were in everyone’s garden.

“We fed the baby and went back to sleep.”