A known drug user died having taken too much methadone and morphine.

Andrew Vale, who was 49-years-old, was found dead in his home in Witton Parade, Blackburn, on November 29.

At an inquest into his death in Blackburn, it was revealed that the police had been contacted by drug support group, Inspire, after Mr Vale failed to turn up to his appointments and hadn't collected his medication.

Coroner Richard Taylor said: "It was unusual for him not to collect his medication as he needed it and had been on it for a while.

"The police were called and found Mr Vale slumped on the floor in his living room.

"There was burnt tin foil found next to him as well as some prescribed medication and other non-prescribed medication."

A toxicology report showed that there had been morphine in his system in the range encountered in fatalities, as well methadone and the anti-depressant, mirtazapine.

Mr Taylor said: "When you mix methadone and morphine with anti-depressants, it enhances the effects which can lead to death.

"We know he has taken too much morphine and the cause of his death is down to drug toxicity.

"He's taken some of the medication he was prescribed but obviously more than he should've taken and his body has been unable to cope."

In a statement from his daughter which Mr Taylor read out at the inquest, she said her father had used drugs for many years and she knew he was taking methadone regularly but wasn't aware of any previous overdoses.

He also complained about pain a lot, which would account for the fact he took morphine.

Mr Taylor said: "I record a conclusion of misadventure as this was clearly an unintended outcome of an intended action."