A PREGNANT woman who was visiting her mum and dad ending up giving them an unexpected gift – a granddaughter born in their conservatory.

Angel Jones was taken by surprise when Sapphire entered the world in her parents' house while she was popping round to see them.

The little one was due the following day and the 34-year-old had not felt any contractions before her waters broke.

Angel, from Padiham, said she had walked out of the bathroom and felt an almighty pain and rushed to tell dad Jim and mum Angela who were in the conservatory.

She said: “My parents rang for an ambulance and my mum was explaining to the ambulance people I was giving birth.

“That’s when I shouted over ‘I have the baby’s head in my hands’.

“There was no time to get me to hospital so I had to give birth there and then in my parents' conservatory.

“My niece, Amy, helped with the birth despite not having any medical experience.

“It was such a quick birth, it must have been literally five minutes.”

The paramedics arrived minutes after Sapphire was born and took both her and mother to hospital for checks.

Ms Jones said: “I gave birth to Sapphire at 3.45pm – minutes after I had got back home with my dad after being in Sainsbury’s.

“We both wondered what would have happened if we had spent more time in the shop. I might have given birth in the supermarket.

“I’ve had relatively quick births in the past, but this was on a different level.”

Sapphire weighed in at 6lbs and 3oz and is fit and healthy. She is Angel's third daughter after Jessica, aged 22 months, and Angelina, 13.

Ms Jones said: “Despite the circumstances I felt like the birth was my calmest yet.

“Because I was in a place I knew and surrounded by my family I felt like it helped me a lot.

“Sapphire now weighs 8lb 2oz so she’s putting a normal amount of weight on. She’s been really good.

"This will be my last child, despite the quick birth.

“Both her sisters have also been very good over the last few weeks.”