THE family of a woman who died after taking a combination of prescription drugs have raised questions about events before her death.

Mary Breckell, 56, was found dead in a walkway in Wellington Court, Accrington, on Saturday December 22.

At an inquest in Blackburn, Ms Breckell’s family said there were discrepancies between the time she was last seen and when she was found, and said they didn’t believe she had died in the walkway, but had died elsewhere and had then been carried to Wellington Court.

Coroner Richard Taylor said no natural cause of death had been found, but tests showed there was methadone, anti-depressants, diazepam, alcohol and cannabis in her system.

Mr Taylor said: “The problem with mixing drugs often is that anti-depressants can enhance the sedative effects of drugs such as methadone.

“Mary had been made subject of a drug rehabilitation order but she wasn’t picking up her prescription as often as she should’ve been.”

Mr Taylor said Ms Breckell, of Belfield Road, failed to collect her meds four times and her tolerance to methadone would’ve dropped.

The inquest heard that Ms Breckell had last been seen by a family member at about 9.30pm on the Friday. It had also been reported to the police that a witness had been approached by a female on Wellington Street at around 10.30pm.

The woman had seemed erratic and had then been seen taking medication between some cars before leaving her bag on the ground.

Mr Taylor added: “The bag was recovered by the police who discovered it belonged to Mary and they tried to trace her. She was then found the following morning, around 8.45am.”

At the inquest, members of Ms Breckell’s family said they had received information she had been carried out of a house by two women, and wanted to know what enquiries had been carried out to find out about this.

PC Coathup, who gave evidence at the inquest, said another officer had spoken with some people in the area but couldn’t find any evidence to support the claims.

Mr Taylor said: “It’s more likely than not that the drugs in her system killed her because her body couldn’t cope with them at that time.

“I think it’s relevant that she was found out of doors as well as it was very cold.

“I appreciate you haven’t got all the answers and want a police investigation to find out what happened in those missing hours.

“I say Mary was found dead having ingested a combination of prescribed medication which in the absence of a natural cause of death was most likely what killed her.”