A PETITION is being launched for extra safety measures to stop motorists cutting over chevrons and potentially hitting pedestrians on a road in Great Harwood.

Residents in Harwood Lane are concerned about drivers cutting across the road markings near the showground instead of slowing down and using the proper roadway.

Kevin Rawcliffe, who lives in nearby Mercer Drive, said: “There are no footpaths along the road and it means that people would have to cross three roads to get to the sports fields, park or wherever they were going.

“People have been using the chevrons to walk down the road and when the drivers are cutting across the chevrons it is dangerous for them.

“There was some talk about a zebra crossing being created but it has not happened.

“Ideally we would like to see a footpath built there.

"We have heard that Lancashire County Council make the decisions on the basis of fatality figures.

"But we don’t think someone should be hurt before something is done about it.”

Cllr Noordad Aziz, who represents the Netherton ward, said: “Over the weekend, I was contacted by residents in relation to the ongoing safety concerns.

“There is no footpath onto the road towards the showground so dog walkers and people have to step out onto the chevrons to get to the path on the other side.

“Last weekend we saw that in a 15-minute spell, around 80 per cent of the vehicles did not observe the junction road markings. This is dangerous given its location.

“Safety is of paramount importance and all they want is drivers to slow down and enter the road where they are supposed to.

"We are creating a petition to Lancashire County Council highways team so that they could look to put up some bollards up.”