A car has overturned and smashed into the side of a restaurant.

The incident happened at around 12pm on Wednesday at the junction of Shear Brow, Revidge Road and Lammack Road, close to St Mary's College, Blackburn.

One car, a Vauxhall Corsa, crashed into the side of The Fig and Olive.

A member of staff from the restaurant, who did not wish to be named, said: "I think what has happened is the person driving the Corsa has hit someone else as she was coming up Lammack Road and driven off without stopping, and then gone through this red light. Then that Ford Fiesta has driven into the side of her and her car has flipped and hit the wall.

"Luckily there's not much damage to the building but we will have someone come out to look at it.

"All the staff and customers were in the restaurant at the time, but thankfully no-one was hurt.

"The lady driving the car, I had to help her out of the boot because the car door wouldn't open, then she just ran off down the street. She didn't even stop."

Lancashire Telegraph:

A resident on Shear Brow said she didn't see the accident but heard a bang and then saw the police cars pull up outside her house.

She said: "The woman who was driving just walked away and she was talking to someone on her phone and then someone came in a different car and she got in it and they drove off.

"It looked bad enough that someone could've been injured from it; I don't know how she got out of that.

"There's quite a few crashes at this junction. I've only been here since June and I think there's been two already.

"People just think they can make it through the lights before they turn to red but they can't. There's always people running red lights up here."

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A police spokesperson said: "We were called to the scene of a crash on Lammack Road.

"It looks like two cars have crashed and one has overturned.

"There have been no injuries reported to us, but one car remains in the middle of the road, blocking it off and traffic is heavy around that area."

The junction was blocked off until around 1.20pm, with police controlling traffic until both cars could be recovered.