YOBS are riding mini-motos and off-road bikes on playing fields – causing problems for local residents as well as others wanting to use the green space.

A video – published by police online – shows riders on Pleasington Playing Fields.

Officers are now appealing for information in an attempt to seize the bikes and identify offenders.

Police said they were getting increasing amounts of complaints about the issue.

A spokesman said: “We are really keen to tackle this issue, prosecute offenders and seize the bikes.

“However, we can only do this with the right information.

“If you know who is riding these bikes, where they live or where the bikes are being kept then let us know and let’s get them off the road.”

Cllr Paul Marrow, who represents the Livesey with Pleasington ward, said: “We have been having some reports coming through about the amount of mini-motos and bikes on the playing fields at Pleasington.

“Cllr Derek Hardman has been speaking with the police about it as we had complaints about the dangers of it.

“It seems to be a growing problem and there have been issues on the fields.

“The police are struggling to find out who they are.

“When they actually do see them then they just find a way to ride around them and get away."

Cllr Marrow said the offenders had also been driving illegally on the roads, riding down Tower Road.

He said those causing the nuisance were also risking their own safety by not wearing helmets.

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He added: "There is a public safety issue where people are going down to the fields to play a game of football but they are having to move out of the way to not get hit.

“I am urging residents and people in the area to report the incidents to the police and if they know who the people to tell them.

“The park is not the place to do this. The people on these mini-motorbikes should perhaps we looking for other places to do it.

“With some of them not wearing helmets it is dangerous."

Anyone with information is asked to email police at blackburnsw.npt@lancashire.pnn.police.uk or call 101.