It would be good to go to a meal without someone wanting to take a picture of the food.

I realise that we live in an age of self-glorification but things have gotten completely out of hand. Eating is no longer something we do alone or with friends and family – we want to tell others what we are having.

I have yet to send a picture of a meal out to anyone. I don’t think I am alone in this boycott of food selfies.

Thankfully I can avoid on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as I don’t follow anyone and no one follows me. But even I cannot escape food pictures sent to me on WhatsApp.

I am getting sick of seeing images of people’s meals every time I go on to WhatsApp.

Some people are addicted to doing this. Several of my friends will constantly post images of their food at every single opportunity they get. Even if the meal itself looks pretty nasty – a meal picture has to be sent to all.

At first, there was an obligation to comment on the meal and say things like ‘looks good’ but now, like many others I head straight to the delete button.

It hasn’t stopped the constant stream of pointless images being sent my way.

Then, if this wasn’t bad enough we are now in holiday season so my phone is full of people ‘having fun’. What can be more mind-numbingly boring than a video from a car of the scenery? Or a picture of a market stall selling mangoes and water-melons?

What many people on their travels don’t realise is that there are two reasons we don’t like to receive this type of content. Firstly, the scenery looks a lot more alluring when you are there – as in the moment. You have the smells, the sounds and the whole panoramic view. We don’t.

No amount of turning the phone to show me the whole mountain is going to astound me.

Secondly, it has been raining constantly here for the past two weeks and it is pretty miserable. The last thing I want to see is somebody swanning around in better weather than me. We all know the only reason you are posting these is to make us feel as if we missed out and should be jealous.

So, new rules. No food pictures, no travel pictures and certainly no smug selfies of yourself on the beach. Just keep them all to yourself.