THE much-anticipated Soapbox Challenge and Classic Car Show is expected to entice thousands of people into Accrington on Saturday, August 31. 

A road closure from the Property Shop on Little Blackburn Road down into the new Town Square in Accrington town centre will create a 170 metre-long Soapbox track for competitors to race down, using only gravity for fuel and speed.

This year’s track will include jumps, water jumps, and children stood on the sidelines squirting competitors with water pistols.

Novelty prizes will be awarded to competitors such as Best Soapbox Design and Best Team Costume, as well as the overall winner.

This will take place on the same day as the Classic Car Show and the launch of the Rally Treasure Trail.

With only a few spaces left for people to showcase their super, sports, vintage and rally cars at the event, it’s recommended those wanting to do so apply as soon as possible via the Amazing Accrington Facebook Page.

Andrew McLaughlan, financial director at Emerson and Renwick who are sponsoring the event for the second time, said: “The longevity of our business definitely depends on the community at large.

“We approached Amazing Accrington with the idea to host a Soapbox Challenge last year because we thought it would bring something fun, new and exciting

into the town.

“The event was incredibly successful with over 8,000 people coming into the town throughout the day and raising over £1,600 for Maundy Relief.

“We’re confident that the success of last year will be reciprocated this year.”

Miles Parkinson, leader of Hyndburn Borough Council, added: “Last year I said I couldn’t wait to see what this year’s event will bring, and was I right to be excited.

“It’s going to be huge. From what I gather there are over 40 soapboxes entered in this year’s race and a full-to-the-brim reserves list.

“It’s already creating a buzz about town and we are really looking forward to seeing the streets of Accrington come alive at this year’s event.”

Gareth Lindsay, managing director of North Lancs Training Group, said: “As part of our 50th celebrations we couldn’t miss out on being a part of the biggest event in town.

“Our team of apprentices have been hard at work on our top-secret entry and we’re really looking forward to taking part.”

The event will take place from 11.30am to 3pm.