A 29-year-old man who had a history of drug misuse, died after taking a heroin overdose.

Kirkland (known as Kirk) Sunter, was found in the bedroom of his Clitheroe home on December 7 by his mother.

A used syringe was also found next to him on the bed.

An inquest in Blackburn was told that toxicology reports had found a fatal amount of heroin in his system along with the benzodiazepine drug, diazepam, cocaine and the anti-depressant, mirtazapine.

Leading the inquest, Coroner Richard Taylor said: "Kirk had a history of drug use and was dependant on them. He had gone to see his GP in the week before his death but he was concerned that he hadn't offered him any help."

Mr Sunter, who was not prescribed diazapam by his GP, had been to the doctor with a request for help in reducing his diazepam dose, as he was buying the drug himself.

He was referred to the drug support team at Inspire and told he would need to arrange for some help through them.

In a statement from his mother, Catherine Sunter, who lived with Mr Sunter in Millthorne Avenue, said: "I could hear Kirk in his room at about 3am. There was nothing unusual about this, and then later in the morning I could hear him moving about in his bedroom, I was in the kitchen and his bedroom is directly above the kitchen.

"At about 12.15pm I went upstairs to get a plate from his room that he'd taken up the night before and he was just lying on the bed with a syringe next to him."

Mr Taylor said Mrs Sunter had been aware her son was using drugs, especially heroin, and even though she didn't condone it she supported him and tried to understand his reasons for taking them.

She also said he had trouble sleeping and thought he might've taken too many drugs in an attempt to get a good night's sleep.

Mr Taylor said: "He has taken an overdose of heroin. He's been used to taking drugs but for some reason he's either had too many or taken some that are stronger than normal and his body couldn't handle it.

"I therefore return a drug related death conclusion and say Kirk died having ingested an excess of heroin."