A WOMAN was contacted by her son after he disturbed two men stealing coping stones off their front garden wall.

Blackburn magistrates heard the incident was caught on CCTV and the cameras caught the same two men when they returned two days later and stole more stones.

Dane Oliver, 24, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to two charges of theft of coping stones in Clowbridge, Burnley.

He was made subject to a community order for 12 months with 25 days rehabilitation activity requirement and 80 hours unpaid work. He was ordered to pay £260 compensation and a £90 victim surcharge.

Philippa White, prosecuting, said three stones were taken on the first occasion and 10 on the second and they were valued at £40 each.

Mrs White said the CCTV showed two men putting the stones in the back of a red van.

"By coincidence, a few days later that van was seen outside Burnley magistrates court and the defendant was sitting in it," said Mrs White.

"His co-accused had nipped into the court to keep an appointment."

Catherine Fell, defending, said that since the death of his mother her client had found himself in the grip of drugs and having nowhere to live.

"He hasn't got a lot of convictions and he is clearly associating with more criminally minded people," said Mrs Fell.

"He needs to be punished but he also needs help."