Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary have recently unveiled their newly-built dog play pens and sensory gardens, funded by a £100,000 grant.

In September 2018, the Edenfield sanctuary was awarded a £100,000 grant from Support Adoption For Pets, the UK’s largest grant giving animal charity, to help support its development project.

The sanctuary, which currently has more than 450 pets in its care, works to help a range of different animals.

First opened in 1957, it has undergone a series of renovations to help maintain its site and facilities.

On August 4, 12 months on from receiving the grant, the sanctuary unveiled its new rescue pet facilities at its annual Dog Show event.

Support Adoption for Pets Charity Manager, Amy Angus, said: "Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary was the extremely worthy recipient of our £100,000 grant last year - which is one of the largest donations we have ever given.

"We are absolutely delighted to see the new dog sensory and enrichment areas, which are a fantastic addition to the sanctuary.

"The new facilities will provide a fantastic space for dogs to play and exercise, and will also allow prospective new owners to meet and interact with the dogs.

"It's a real privilege to be associated with Bleakholt; an organisation that works tirelessly to care for and rehome pets in need.”

Speaking at the annual Dog Show, Karen Weed, Sanctuary Manager said: "We are so grateful for the exceptionally generous grant.

"Building a separate enrichment area for the dogs in our care has already made such a huge difference to us and the work that we do.

"Pets are often scared and stressed when they first come to us, so being able to offer individual play space means their development will come on leaps and bounds while they are here with us.”