YOBS on motorbikes wreaked havoc when they tore up Accrington Stanley’s new training ground.

A deal was reached in June for the League One side to set up a training base at King George V playing fields in Baxenden.

This kept the team in Hyndburn instead of moving to Read in the Ribble Valley, as was originally proposed.

But with the new football season only just under way, the training ground has now been wrecked after around eight boys on motorbikes rode onto the fields and ruined the grass by performing doughnut manoeuvres and skids across the land.

Posting on social media on Thursday night, a Royds Avenue resident who witnessed the incident, said: “I’m a resident on Royds Avenue and eight motorbikes have just torn up the pitches. 

"Police are on their way.” 

Club boss, Andy Holt, went down to the fields to inspect the damage, which can be seen in these images, and said he could still hear the motorbikes in the distance.

He said: “I’ll never understand how folk who have little destroy what bit of stuff there is.”

A spokesperson for the police said: “We were called just before 8pm on Thursday after a resident reported that eight lads on motorbikes had been seen ruining the football pitches.

“We got there but by that time they’d already left. 

"It only takes a few minutes to ride off.”

The playing fields are now ruined by the marks and are unlikely to be played on until the grass has regrown.

Kind-hearted fan, Matt McDonough, offered the use of alternative pitches until the issue is resolved. 

Kimberley Whitehead, who lives in Hyndburn, said: “I’m furious to see King George’s Playing Fields being torn up by motorbikes. 

“It was reported that these motorbikes where also riding on the pedestrian paths around Baxenden and through the woods last night.

“However it’s fantastic of Matt to offer Stanley the use of little Wembley.”

Managing Director of the club, David Burgess, said: “It’s a small minority of mindless people who are undoing all the good work the football club, the Community Trust and the supporters are doing in Hyndburn.

“We were proud to have our own training ground for the first time and, within a month, it’s been badly damaged.

"It’s additional unnecessary costs to repair which is frustrating for everyone concerned.

“Is it any wonder that it needs fencing off from the public when things like this happen.”

Accrington Stanley are playing away to Wimbledon this weekend and at home to Shrewsbury on Tuesday.