THIS view of Whalley from Accrington Road comes from a 1900 album compiled by Darwen's Spring Vale Rambles.

On the left, are the village's modern assembly rooms, which opened the previous year.

Later it became a nightclub and Whalley Conservative club.

The house on Queen Street, glimpsed at the far left, are no longer open to view from this spot, another terrace having built there, blocking the view.

The oldest toll house stood at the top of Accrington Road, near present-day Whalley Golf Club - the Accrington Whalley Road having been turnpiked in 1789.

Later, the bar was moved to the bottom of the brow.

Another toll house stood on the new Clitheroe-Whalley Road when it was turnpiked in 1809.

It was demolished in 1809.

In the distance is the ancient Whalley parish tower.