THE risk of children getting hurt while crossing busy roads isn't just a modern day problem, as back in 1969, parents were petitioning the council to do something about a busy Blackburn road.

More than 30 mums signed a petition asking the council to take action on Whitebirk Road between Intack and Whitebirk traffic lights, as their children made their way to Intack County Primary School on dark mornings.

And for the hardy mothers it looked like action prevailed, as they received a letter from a council official telling them the engineer's department was looking into putting a beacon outside the school to warn motorists of the hazard.

Elizabeth Knowles, who started the petition said: "On dark mornings drivers don't see the children crossing.

"They come round the bend so fast and don't have time to stop.

"We think the council should put large warning signs up.

"Things will have to be better before next winter or something terrible will happen one morning."