AN Iranian Kurd’s bid to get a UK travel document to take his children on holiday has been raised in Parliament.

Rebaz Kaderi fled the Middle East Islamic state in 2011 without undertaking military service.

His wife Guhia and three children joined him in Highercroft, Blackburn, three years later.

Although he was initially refused asylum status as a refugee, he and his family were granted leave to remain in the UK by the Home Office in 2018.

Mr Kaderi, 37, said he fled Iran because of persecution by the authorities as a Kurd.

In March he applied to the Home Office for a travel document to take his family on holiday in Europe but was refused in June.

Blackburn MP Kate Hollern has written twice to the Home Secretary and raised his case at Westminster.

He said: “I fled Iran because the authorities were persecuting me because I am Kurdish. I cannot go back. As I never did my military service I would be imprisoned.

“I went to the Iranian Embassy to apply for a passport as the Home Office asked but was refused.

“All I want is to do is take my wife and family on holiday in Europe. My children have been coming back from school and asking why we cannot go away on holiday like their friends’ families.”

The Home Office has told Mrs Hollern it will not issue Mr Kaderi with the document unless he has documentary proof the embassy ‘formally and unreasonably refused’ him a passport.

Last month she asked immigration minister Caroline Nokes in Parliament: “An Iranian refugee in my constituency applied for a Home Office travel document and has been refused. He was told he must get a passport from his own country which, as he fled that country, is almost impossible.”

Mrs Nokes said: “We do not wish to see anybody disadvantaged because of the individual requirements of travel documents from their country of origin. We would be very happy to work with you to find a solution.”

Mrs Hollern said: “Home Office rules allow for a person to obtain a travel document if they are not able to obtain a passport from their country of origin.

“I am concerned that in the case of Mr Kaderi the Home Office appear to be placing obstacles in the way.

“Clearly if the Iranian Embassy is closed it is not possible for him to even obtain such documentation. On this basis I have written to the Home Secretary for further guidance.”

A spokesman for the Home Office said: "The Home Office may provide travel documentation to individuals with certain types of limited leave to remain, if they can show that they have been formally refused a passport by the authorities of their own country and that refusal is deemed to be unreasonable.

Mr Kaderi’s application for a travel document was refused as he did not provide the required supporting evidence.”

It is understood tht Mr Kaderi was granted stay in the UK on the basis of family life and that the consulate is open.