A BUS service through an East Lancashire town is facing cutbacks from September 1.

Bosses at Transdev have announced the Red Express, which runs from Accrington to Manchester via Ramsbottom, will only run hourly outside peak times, Mondays to Saturdays, from the start of next month.

Passengers still use the city service at peak times - but there has been a drop-off in trade outside those periods.

A Transdev spokesman said: "Over the years, we've tried lots of things to make Red Express work as best we can for everybody.

"Last year, we created a much-needed new link between Ramsbottom and Manchester, and we know that the good folk of Ramsbottom in particular have begun to rely on Red Express since then.

"In fact, Red Express has been performing better than it ever has before since we made the change. But quite simply, we are not carrying enough people outside of the morning and evening rush hours to keep Red Express going in its current form."