A SECURITY guard caught with three stun guns in five months has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Burnley Crown Court heard father-of-two Mohsun Akbar had claimed two of the stun guns, found in his blue Audi on March 22 last year, were left there half an hour earlier by an unnamed man who had hired his car for two weeks. That account was accepted by the prosecution.

However the court heard while on bail for that offence police had found a Taser disguised as a torch in the top drawer of a wardrobe in the defendant’s bedroom.

Akbar, who had been living in Richmond Road, Accrington, at the time that offence was committed on August 9 claimed he had ordered a child’s laser torch from online retailer Wish.

However he claimed they had mistakenly sent him the stun gun device, which was disguised as a torch.

The 30-year-old had pleaded guilty to three offences of possession of a prohibited weapon at a court hearing earlier this year.

Prosecutor Paul Brookwell said with regards to the disguised torch, Akbar pleaded guilty on the basis he had intended to buy his child a torch but the website had sent the wrong item.

That was not accepted by the prosecution and therefore a trial of the issue was held in front of Judge Andrew Woolman, who ultimately rejected Akbar’s version of events in relation to the third Taser, saying: “I don’t believe the defendant. I am sure his account is untrue. The whole defence is a construct in my judgement.”

Judge Woolman sentenced Akbar to 18 months, suspended for two years, with a two-month curfew, with 150 hours unpaid work. He must also pay a £140 victim surcharge.