PEOPLE in East Lancashire have been asked to be wary of cold-calling gardeners, solar panel scams and dodgy doorstep sellers.

Lancashire County Council has been made aware of men in a van making door-to-door calls selling household goods such as tea towels, dish cloths and gardening gloves using underhand sales tactics in Burnley, Clitheroe and Samlesbury.

The sellers tell people they have been referred by their local social services, or that the money raised goes to a good or charitable cause, none of which are true.

The quality of the goods is poor and they are being sold at inflated prices.

Reports are also being received across Lancashire of cold-callers offering to repave driveways or carry out treatments to eradicate weeds, including jet washing.

This work is often completed to a poor standard with weeds growing back quickly.

County Cllr Albert Atkinson, cabinet member responsible for trading standards, said: "Scams come in all forms and anyone can become a victim.

"We all need to be particularly vigilant when people come cold calling door-to-door.

"You should always use a door chain, check ID badges and say a polite 'no' when people try to sell you something on the doorstep."